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Thursday, 21.03.2019, 21:12

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We have got a lot of ideas.
You can see them here.
1. We invented th new game modes.
A. Player can dispose the "Carnage Race".
B. New "Time attack". The half of the drivers are driving to meet to half the other drivers. Race with checkpoints. Player needs to still alive and don't loose the time (like usual T.Attack).If he loosing the time, the car is exploding.
C. The "Tags" game mode. The Truck driven by one of the drivers. He want to wreck all the drivers (and player too!!!)
Player need to still alive.
D. "Untouchible mode". The "underside" of the Carnage Race. Player has got some points. If player will touch or kick scenery objects or other drivers, his points are going to fall down. Player just need to save them.
2. New supplementary modes.
A. GOOD Track editor!!!

Like this
Player have a lot of blocks and he can make them himself! In Ultimate Carnage, there is more 8000 props (tires, fences, and more) And we unterstood: player just can't put them all in this editor. We invinted: player can parcel all props on the track in the "boxes".
The "Crowd" game mode

All the cars are moving together. Back warded car is EXPLOding after 10 meters of the main group!

"Survival" game mode

1 Truck vs. all the drivers.

"Highway to Hell" game mode.

The race with obstacles.
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